Sensu Server and API

The Sensu Server and API are available in two flavors:

NOTE: only one flavor of the Sensu server & API should be used at any given time. Sensu Enterprise users should skip Sensu Core server & API installation and jump directly to installing Sensu Enterprise.

Sensu Core (OSS)

Sensu Core is installed via native system installer package formats (e.g. .deb, .rpm, .msi, .pkg, etc), which are available for download using the links listed below and from package manager repositories for APT (for Ubuntu/Debian systems) and YUM (for RHEL/CentOS).

The Sensu Core packages installs several processes, including sensu-server, sensu-api, and sensu-client.

NOTE: although Sensu Core packages are available for a variety of platforms – thus making it technically possible to run the sensu-server and sensu-api processes on non-Linux operating systems – we strongly recommended running the Sensu Server and API on a Linux-based platform. Sensu Core installer packages for non-Linux platforms are provided for the purpose of making the sensu-client available, and are not tested as extensively for running the sensu-server and sensu-api processes.

Sensu Enterprise

Sensu Enterprise is installed via native system installer packages for Linux-based operating systems, only (i.e. .deb and .rpm). The Sensu Enterprise installer packages are made available via the Sensu Enterprise software repositories, which requires access credentials to access. The Sensu Enterprise package installs a single executable, sensu-enterprise, which provides the functionality of Sensu server and API in a single process.

 Installation Prerequisites

Install Sensu Client